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Principal Investigator: Professor Craig Robson

The Prostate Research Group is housed in the Northern Institute for Cancer Research ( of the Newcastle University Medical School. Emphasis is placed on translational cancer research. Our principal research interest is to investigate the mechanisms responsible for the progression to hormone independence in prostate cancer.

The Prostate Research Group comprises 3 academic staff: Professor Craig Robson (Professor Craig Robson), Dr Luke Gaughan (Dr Luke Gaughan) and Dr Rakesh Heer (Dr Rakesh Heer). The group also includes 5 Research Associates, 2 Technicians, 4 PhD students and 1 Clinical Fellow. Associated researchers include an MRC eScience PhD student and an MRC Clinical Fellow.

Grants & Funding Information

1. Cancer cell imaging eScience Consortium. MRC (Oct 04 -Sep 08), Jackson T, Andreas, P, Robson CN.
2. Ubiquitin-mediated regulation of androgen receptor function: a potential theraputic target in prostate cancer. MRC (Oct 07-Sep 10), Robson CN, Gaughan L.
3. Prostate Cancer Integral management approach. European Union FP6 (Life Programme) (Dec 04-Jul 08), Robson CN, Leung HY.
4. The design, synthesis and evaluation of small-molecule inhibitors of Tip60 histone acetyltransferase. AICR (Oct 05-Sept 08), Hardcastle I, Golding, B, Griffin R, Robson CN.
5. CANcer CURe Early stage research training. European Union FP6, Marie Curie Host Fellowships for Early Stage Researchers (Jul 06-Jun 10), Robson CN, Gaughan L.
6. Identification and validation of candidate genes involved in differentiation of human prostate epithelial stem cells. CR UK, William Ross PhD Studentship (Oct 06-Sep 10), Robson CN, Heer R, Collins A, Leung HY.
7. The role of histone methyltransferase and demethylase enzymes in androgen receptor regulation and prostate cancer. AICR (Oct 07-Sept 10), Robson CN, Gaughan L.
8. Identification of novel regulators of androgen receptor methylation in prostate cancer. CR UK (Apr 08-Mar 11), Gaughan L and Robson CN.
9. Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre: Urology infrastructure (Apr 07-Mar 12), Robson CN, Pickard R.

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